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The Team / Equipo

Jorge Rodriguez Nieto – MIDI -Director

Currently, a partner at DesignThinkers Group Spain consults for companies and government, Director of MIDI Master Research Design and Innovation at Elisava  – Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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Daniel Zentgraf – Academic Executive Manager

Owner at La Innovation Kitchen in Barcelona. Partner at DesignThinkers Group Spain. More than 15 years of experience in the administrative field, and customer service mainly in the travel business and education. Academic Executive Manager for MIDI Master Research Design and Innovation  Elisava – Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Professors and close collaborators

Daniela Marzavan,  Nelson Pinheiro, Carla Montané, Josep Monguet, Mercedes Quevedo, David Carabén, Victor Gil, Jessica Fernández, Irene Lapuente, Saulius Buyvis, Francesca Tur, Cristobal Gracia, David Tena, Marialejandra García, Samer Yamani, Christian Schärmer, Mauricio O’Brien, Rosa Pera, Mariana Freijomil, Lluisa Fernández,  Lara Roseti, Pedro Vicente, Ron Ainsbury, Oriol Sans, Albert Farré, Juanita Acevedo, Ricardo Navas, Francesca Broglia, Francesc Aragall, Ramón Sanguesa, Tati Guimaraes, Ulrich Schubert, Jaume Ripoll, Uri Altell, José Antonio Gago, Antoine Leonetti, Silvia Brennes, José Cruset.

Guest Lecturers

Marieke Van Dijk, Paul Stenberg, John Mark Williams, Alex Dobaño, Simone Veldema, Tine Bech, Jeroen Spoelstra, Zinzi de Browler, Kirstin Van Damme, Helmar Rodriguez, Wanda Chavez, Andrew Funk.

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