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MaDE Snapshots

Entrepreneurship has become, for the new generations not only the best way to pursue an independent career, but also  the most practical way to be faithful to our values and chase our dreams.

The future of work becomes more and more focused on independent and self sufficient teams that can run their service or product business successfully, also many big companies and corporations are open to intrapreneurial initiative, startup acquisition and spin-off investment.

Change is achieved through innovative projects that are able to redefine how we buy, entertain, think and relate to each other.  Many examples of successful entrepreneurs can be found in every city and every region but the key is the capacity of work, proactivity and resilience. Today´s entrepreneurs need to be more creative and more resourceful than never before. So we hope to find those young spirits that have what it takes to make a change and are able to persist and evolve amazing ideas that make the world a better place.

2017 Our Second Generation of Entrepreneurs

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2016 our First Generation of Entrepreneurs


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