Strategy and Management Programs at Elisava Barcelona

MIDI / MaRDI / MaDE : The meeting place for Innovators. : Trends Research + Design Thinking + Design Management + Entrepreneurship

About MaDE

Master in Advanced Design Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship

This course has been designed by the Design, Strategy and Management team at ELISAVA and is being executed in collaboration with World Class Business Schools including RBS Rotterdam Business School.

Design is more and more perceived as a complex management transversal activity in which user/consumers needs, market dynamics, and business strategies meet.

Likewise, management methodology known as design management, as project development model for design professionals and as business model for creative firms, was not able to adapt itself to the changeable and dynamic flow of current markets.

The necessity of planning new patterns demands a rupture with rigid structures and a tackling of more organic working methodologies, adaptable to changeable times and to new societies and emerging markets. This new planning must be focused on strategy and entrepreneurship with new thought preconceptions.

The Main purpose of MaDE is to provide a new perspective about entrepreneurship using innovation expertise and methodologies that are changing businesses around the world, like lean strat-up, service design, design thinking, systems thinking, trends research etc to help innovators create great organisation with the capacity of positive impact in society.

MaDE Combines design, innovation and business skills that provide today´s entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and social leaders with management and innovation skills to make an impact.


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