In previous editions of Trendslab we have focused on analysing one or more emerging trends to discover how will they affect society, communities, and companies, applying the findings directly to projects and strategies. 

Emerging Trends like interdependence (2017), retrogression (2018), deglobalization (2019),  gentrification (2019), and transmutation (2020), have the focus in previous editions of Trendslab, each year we map, analyze and envision how these trends are shaping our lives in the mid and long term future.

The thematic focus for this year’s edition of Trendslab will be Future Mindsets. 

We will reflect on how in recent years, events like the COVID19 pandemic have shifted the way we live and think about many aspects of our lives, and how the mindset of future generations will be transformed by the way we are living. Our relationship with other humans, communities and the planet is being transformed, as much as our values and beliefs. Trendslab will explore it and map those new and emerging mindsets and the reason for other mindsets to decay.

Several questions arise around this exercise: Which are the factors and trends that are transforming and will remain to transform our mindsets? Which will be the emerging, dominating, and alternative mindsets in the near future? How will society, culture, history, and economy be transformed by the new mindsets?.

The schedule and format of the week consist of international experts talks and hands-on workshops (sessions facilitated by professor staff) where teams of participants develop analyses and conclusions about these mindsets. On Friday teams will present their draft document to the Jury, receive feedback, and will deliver a final document in the week of October 25th.

Join Trendslab21 Future Mindsets in Barcelona or Virtually and explore the mindsets of the future.

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MONDAY 18th 17:00 to 21:15h (CET)

17:00-17:30h Welcome, Introduction, Context, themes, and methodology.

17:30-18:30h Experts talk 1 Jorge Rodriguez, What is Mindset?

19:15 – 20:15h Tips on Coolhunting How to Coolhunt with Nelson Pinheiro + Suzanna Cohen University of Lisbon

20:15 – 21:15h The Trendslab Toolkit – Jorge Rodriguez – MIDI Masters Director at Elisava and DTG Consultant

TUESDAY 19th – 17:00 to 21:15h (CET)

17:00h – 18:00h Experts talk 2  Suzana Cohen – How did it go? Data download

Workshop Fieldwork on information recollection, download, and analysis

Signals, patterns, cycles, narratives.

WEDNESDAY 20th 17:00 to 21:15h (CET)

Experts talk 3 Jordi Vergés i Camps Direcció General d’Anàlisi i Prospectiva Departament de la Presidència – Generalitat de Catalunya

Workshop Analysis of information and first paths on Projections

Main Trends (Mega, Macro, Micro, Nano)

THURSDAY 21st 17:00 to 21:15h (CET)

17;00 – 18:00h Experts talk 4 Kirsten van Damme – Senior Lead at Bespoke Copenhagen

18:00 – 19:00 Workshop Concepts and Trends Development of the Mindsets of the Future

19:15 – 21:00h Workshop Futures Scenario Development of the Mindsets of the Future

FRIDAY 22nd 17:00 to 21:15h (CET)

Draft Presentation to Experts and teams

Feedback from Experts  Nelson + Kirsten + Jorge

Workshop Reshaping the Final Document on Future Mindsets & Feedback from teams.

TUESDAY 26th All day for upload.

Final Document delivery

Speakers and International Experts

Jordi Vergés i Camps

Direcció General d’Anàlisi i Prospectiva Departament de la Presidència – Generalitat de Catalunya. He has been in charge of planning, designing and coordinating the elaboration of analysis and prospective studies that the person in charge of the Department of the Presidency considers to be a priority. To monitor and analyze the policies and actions in the sectors that the person in charge of the Department considers to be a priority.

Nelson Pinheiro University of Lisbon

Professor at the Culture and Communication Program – School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon, acting as the Director of the PhD in Culture Studies and the BA in Culture and Communication Studies. With a research focus on the Strategic Management of Culture and Trend Studies, I completed my PhD and Post-Doctorate in Culture and Communication (University of Lisbon).
The emphasis in the following topics: Culture Management; Trend Studies; Semiotics; Cultural Branding; Fashion Culture and Theory; Consumer Culture; Elites and Socio-economic Cleavages; Nineteenth-Century Culture.

Suzanna Cohen University of Lisbon

Digital Communications specialist. Trends Researcher and Consultant. PhD (Technology Trends / Culture Studies), Master in Digital Discourse, Advertiser. Professional and academic interests in Digital Communications; Trends; Culture; Technology Trends; Consumer Research; Consumer Behaviour; Smart Cities; Marketing; Communications and new technologies/media: viral marketing and online advertising.

Specialties: Trend Research and Analysis / Digital Communications and Marketing
Other fields: Legal marketing, Creative Industries, and Smart Cities

Kirsten van Dam – Senior Lead at Bespoke Copenhagen
Kirsten is working as a senior leader at Bespoke –a global Strategic Futures Design studio based in Copenhagen giving meaning to the present in order to imagine and create better tomorrows. With 15 years of proven international experience, Kirsten wants to guide, engage and motivate people and organizations through complex processes of change to ensure true innovation value in the future. Kirsten’s professional activity has focused on strategy in future studies, trend & consumer insights, brand consultancy, and innovation. 

Jorge Rodriguez Nieto – Director MIDI Elisava and partner at La Innovation Kitchen Barcelona

Jorge has been advisor and consultant for the Family Welfare Institute of Colombia ICBF, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sony Pictures Entertainment and has developed projects for companies like CapGemini Seat, WebMD, Projects in Knowledge, UNDP, GIZ, Ministry of Culture, Barcelona City Council, Momentum McCann , CCOO , the Presidential Program for Human Rights of Colombia, among others.

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