This fall the second part of Innovate2030 series, will be launched. It will address SDG 11 “Sustainable cities and communities”. for each UN Sustainable Development Goal.

The initial idea leading to this project developed from the first project of the series, which highlighted collectivity as key to sustainable development. Thus, SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” was selected as the overarching United Nations SDG for the second project, that will allow to collectively realize the 2030 goals for sustainable societies. The project will focus on “sustainabilizing” consumption, production, and living patterns within cities and communities to unleash the enormous sustainability potential we bear as a collective.

The final event for #INNOVATE2030 took place a few days ago and the finalist teams pitched their ideas to the judges.

Two teams from #MIDIelisava have participated in Innovate 2030: Ommatidio, developing a sustainable service system to improve a sustainable access to goods in remote areas, using drone technology for Bell Flight, , and D-Shapers working for BSH Bosch Global Group – on their global challenge, for developing a circular economy business model, to upcycle small home appliances in Europe.

Team D-Shapers

We are proud to announce that team Ommatidio has won the Global Challenge with their model proposal to deliver sustainable drone technology solutions to villages and remote locations where acces to emergency or distribution of commercial goods is very difficult, check the link to see more about the project

Team Ommatidio

Congratulations to each of the eight winning teams of this first round “Innovate2030 – Digital Natives for Sustainable Future” from the Innovate2030 project series👏🏆 For this we had assembled an international and interdisciplinary jury from business, science and society.

Many thanks to the teams, companies and organisers, for the great work and the opportunity. – it was a pleasure to work with you on these amazing projects!

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