The Red Hot Chili Tapas

Just as our project evolves and starts to take shape with the methodologies we’re learning and the progress we’re making, as individuals and as a team, we cannot forget that our client is evolving as well with implementing creative concepts into their environment.

When a team starts working on any kind of project that involves positioning a brand and uplifting its content in a specified time frame, they always start off where the brand is today and the impact they have on their audience now.


On October 2017, 2 months after we started our MIDI program and took the opportunity to work for our client BoxBarcelona, they created a new platform, “BoxBarcelona Music Sessions” that involves collaborating with performing music artists.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.12.49 PM.png

Every 2 weeks, Erico Moreira, Sara Pi and their production team of videographers and sound engineers, invite 2 music groups or solo artists to Box to perform…

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