Project presentations are always stressing when you have worked for more than 4 months asking, analyzing, thinking, discussing, reading and gathering all kinds of information and sources about whatever is currently moving your client´s decisions.

This was no different. 8 real projects for 8 real companies have been elaborated by MIDI 7 MaRDI Teams since last September. Each of them with different demands and particularities, each client with a different expectation, ambition and resources.

From our point of view at the program most of them successful, from all the clients very surprising and from our students exhausting but gratifying (or at least that´s what we know!)

here some pictures of the final results i a new wonderful format that worked really well!

Thanks to those who accepted the invitation for the exhibition, thanks for the feedback and the comments, but most of all, thank for making this year an amazing new opportunity to evolve and grow a a program.